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“People who need people are the luckiest people in the world
~ Bob Merrill

We are social beings and that means that relationships are integral to our health and our happiness.  It is precisely because of the importance and interdependence of our relationships, that they are also our biggest nemesis.  Although it often feels like we can’t live without the people that make up the relationships in our lives, the bigger truth is that we often can’t seem to find a way to live with those people in our lives.  This is the source of conflict in the need/want struggle. The challenge is about balancing the demands and expectations of the parties involved.  Funny how, in our romantic relationships, the charming character traits that often initially endear us to someone, inevitably become the very things that drive us, as I say, “bat-shit” crazy!  Not all of our relationships are of our choosing, but no matter what the dynamic is, there are strategies available to lessen the negative impact on you and improve the quality of the interactions.

So how do we find that intricate balance of accepting others for who they are and not lose ourselves or sell-out our authentic needs and desires in the process?  I am here to assure you that not only is it is possible, but I will show you how.  Whether you are facing challenges in your romantic life, family relations, friendships or business relationships, I can steer you through the anger and frustration and show you how to move from conflict to connection.