Why do so many of us not realize our goals? Perhaps it’s in the way we define them. A goal as something we hold in the future – an achievement we hope to accomplish, something we are thinking about, something not yet in our grasp. This allows us to attach a “someday, maybe” feeling to those goals. Napoleon Hill says that “A goal is a dream with a deadline”. Once we fix a deadline to our dream or desire, it becomes real and not theoretical. Then we are able to design the plan of action to realize that goal. By recognizing what actions we need to implement between now and the realization we can create the plan.

The achievement of anything involves three stages: Thinking, Doing, and Being (or Having). Turning your mind to laying out a plan means you have moved to be action-focused. This is powerful – now you have shifted from ‘thinking” and are in the “doing” phase! Make your deadline challenging by bringing it to where you can start to envision and feel the results of accomplishing it. Harness that feeling and let it become your daily motivator to remind you why you want to achieve it. Let it light you up and be your fuel and push you into daily action. How badly do you want it? That will determine whether is remains a wish or if is truly a goal you are on your way to realizing. What’s your deadline? When MUST you have it by?

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