Live Life on Purpose

You’ve probably heard the new mantra about living a life on purpose. What does that really mean? Don’t we all feel like we’re just plodding along, one foot in front of the other, one day following the next, fulfilling routine tasks and responsibilities? It’s the stuff of life. Most days seem to dictate themselves with little room left to negotiate choice.  Are we attending to these things on purpose? I guess there is a purpose in getting ourselves to work everyday. It’s a way to keep us busy, out of trouble and make sure the mortgage gets paid and there’s food on the table. But when we don’t stop to look at the bigger picture of our lives, we might also argue that this is a life of default. Default, because we have the perception that we no longer have a choice in the matter.

Hit the pause button for a moment and consider where you are going. Is it leading you to a destination of choice? Or are you really just on a treadmill, putting in lots of effort to stay exactly where you are? Like planning a trip somewhere, learn to keep your eye on a specific destination and plan your route. Where you are right now is the starting point. Is your future goal in your line of sight? If not, you need to make some plans. The distance isn’t the problem. It’s the direction that matters. Plan to take one step EVERY SINGLE DAY towards that destination. That way the relative progress can be marked. Put purpose in your actions guide your life. Nothing changes if you stay put. You are at the helm of your ship. Lift the anchor and don’t let it drift aimlessly. Steer it with purpose and you can’t help but arrive.  You might even consider hiring a travel agent!

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