Second Act

The fog has finally started to lift.  You notice that there are longer stretches of the day when your former love is not the predominant thought plaguing your mind like a persistent ghost. You are starting to remember how to make plans that only include you. The loss does not feel quite so suffocating and immobilizing. You are no longer devastated. You are ready to look to your future with possibility.  Then, when you’re ready to truly own your single status, they come back and ask for a second chance at love. Is it possible? What to do?

Is it possible to make it work the second time around?  Well, it depends. Here are some things to consider:  Have you cooled down from the anger, disappointment and lost trust?  Are you able to openly discuss the reasons for the breakup without assessing blame? If you met them today for the first time, would you like them? Are the old problems truly still deal-breakers or can they be worked through? Do the good memories and the familiarity still make you tingle with excitement or are they merely comforting? Can you consciously work together at creating a new and improved relationship, based on the knowledge gained from the breakup?

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