Online Dating

Who Are You Promoting?

The dating scene can be a real minefield.   One of the biggest complaints of the on-line dating circus is that no one is who they say they are. It’s a conglomeration of liars posting out-dated or photo-shopped images of themselves, overstating their marketable assets, advancing their freedom status and understating their age. Once you catch on, the deceit is inescapable. If everyone else is lying or exaggerating, then I have to too just to keep in the race.  Photos get more outdated and ages get even younger. It has become a perpetual masquerade party.  But just how many “dates” are required before you give someone a glimpse of what’s really behind the mask?

question-mark-jacqueline-moriartyLet’s look at it another way. If you’re serious about the quest for a love mate, this is a huge deal. You’re seeking a companion to share in the most intimate parts of your life: your home, your family, your finances, your bed and your heart. That’s pretty serious stuff, exposing us to the utmost vulnerability.  And what resources do you have to assist you in narrowing the search?  A few paragraphs of self description, some personal details, a wishlist of traits their potential mate should possess and a few blurred photographs. All pretty vague compared to what’s provided in the most basic job resume. Why is it that we require in-depth career history, personal and professional references and a security check before hiring someone for employment, yet only a few sentences “in their own words” in the search for a potential soulmate? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, given the relative risks? After all, firing someone is infinitely easier than divorce. Shouldn’t we screen for love as least as diligently as we do for the work force?

Given the magnitude of the task, how has searching for love through the Internet become such a charade?  Do we need to add a disclaimer:  everything here is true and verifiable, except the parts I fudged?

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